Thursday, 25 August 2011

Free Samsung Apps Chart

Busy week in mobile this one, with bada 2.0 SDK becoming publicly available, Steve Jobs stepping down from Apple and IFA round the corner. Time to take five (ho ho ho) with this week's top free Samsung Apps for Android & bada handsets.

Android top five free apps
1. Angry Birds by Rovio
2. Color Flashlight HD by Social And Mobile Inc.
3. Angry Birds RIO by Rovio
4. Medieval Castle Defense by Yong-Eun Jung

5. Galaxy Security Update by Samsung

Wow, my infamous week ahead prediction was right on the money with the usual suspects in the top five line up. Angry Birds, Color Flashlight HD followed by Angry Birds RIO still make up the top three downloads. A slight jiggle with Medieval Castle Defense and the Galaxy Security Update - I'd expect this to become a regular occurrence just a theory, but the Galaxy Security Update might remain on this chart till the end of time, as more and more nefarious individuals try their dark coding arts on this lively platform. Robin Hood they aint...


bada top five free apps
1. Memory Animals by Bojan Skaljac
2. Frantic Fishing by BoosterMedia
3. LED Flashlight by Petr Pavlik
4. HangMan Xtreme by Movidreams S.A.
5. IQ by Orient Business Solutions

Memory Animals by Bojan Skaljac is this still this week's number one free app to download for the Wave, with Frantic Fishing by BoosterMedia, taking the number two spot. I wonder what new features developers will make use of in their apps with the new improved bada 2.0 SDK? Apps that use NFC or internet radio streaming would be great!

What are you looking forward to using in bada 2?

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  1. There are many free apps available for samsung on internet. I like LED flashlight apps. I am using this apps in my mobile.


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