Friday, 24 June 2011

SAMMI Weekly for Week25: Developer Economics 2011 (Vision Mobile)

Last week Samsung Developers introduced an insightful report on the economics of all of you developers for this year; Developers Economics 2011. Going one step further, this week's Sammi weekly shows some summaries and findings from it.

Full report can be downloaded at

1. Platform

- Current Scoreboard; the number of devices based on Series40 and JavaME is huge, but due to the fragmentation issue and the platform for content-sharing, they're struggling with stretching the market.

- Developers now are most interested in Android and iOS and the interests are still growing while it for Symbian is going down.

- When choosing the platform, developers think the "market penetration" is important most. In other words, if there's a market which is 'attractive' enough- the size and profitability(ROI)- then it can pull the developers' attention very easily.

Android, Blackberry and iOS has strength in market presence, while Symbian and Windows Phone has relative advantage for technical support.

2. App Stores

- Developers still make the largest revenue with paid-apps; with mobile Ads, it's 2nd.
Now the 'Free app + in app AD/Purchase' model is getting popular, but isn't the most one yet.

3. Development

- Android is the easiest platform to learn. When mastering Java ME, it takes about twice time than Android.

And providing the hidden APIs and actual devices for testing are the most wanted.

The key findings what Samsung Developers found are;

Show them the market, the opportunity
: Developers care about how big the ecosystem is, how well it's organized is next.

Help them make it quickly, and provide the exclusive deal
: Quick coding is one of the most wanted factor developers' looking for
and using the exclusive feature or devices those're not launched is also.

See the most impressive contents at;

Developers, see the guideline what Samsung Developers suggests at;

And the last 'Weekly Highlights', you can find it at

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