Wednesday, 8 June 2011

SAMMI Weekly 30th~6th : Major OS Updates

Last monday, 'Company A' revealed its latest version of its mobile OS and the cloud service. Yeah, it's iOS5 and iCloud.

Next to Google's new Honeycomb(3.1), Icecream Sandwitch(2.6) and Microsoft's Mango (Latest Windows Phone 7), Apple also introduced its OS update.

Here, let us share the links about the updates for it.

1. Apple iOS5
- iMessage, and real time sync(incl. Pushing) thru iCloud;
Apple now seems to embrace the edges of others.

2. Google Honeycomb 3.1
- Aiming to iPad, Honeycomb tablet is one of the key factors Google cares about.

3. Microsoft Mango
- To be honest, Windows Phone doesn't meet the expectation from the developers' community.
But now with Mango, Microsoft targeting the top.

See the most impressive contents at;

Developers, see the guideline what Samsung Developers suggests at;

And the last 'Weekly Highlights', you can find it at

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  1. Google loves the G-Tab cause it can show more ads!


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