Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Free Samsung Apps Chart

As mentioned previously the Samsung Wave Apps chart is going monthly, but we're still getting data we can share on a weekly basis, its just it contains all the juicy apps from all our juicy platforms.. 
Why so serious?

1. Angry Birds by Rovio
2. Medieval Castle Defense by Yong-Eun Jung
3. EA Games by Adam Fulford
4. Glyder®3D by Glu Mobile Inc
5. SPB TV Android by SPB Software Inc

No surprises here, with Angry Birds taking the number one spot in the top download chart (I have a feeling this version of the top apps chart will look like this for some time...) - I played it, it was ok. I like the fact that the whole game seems to be totally free and its easy to pick up... I bet Rovio are kicking themselves though, surely they could of released a freemium version that would of banked them lotsa money rather than giving the app away free? Seems to just make it harder for smaller developers when a household name is free of charge...

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