Tuesday, 21 June 2011

cloud based Advertising platform developers wanted | Elance Job

cloud based Advertising platform developers wanted | Elance Job

The scope of project will include design & development of a cross platform cloud based ad network which can be accessed from web and mobile interfaces. The app developed will allow 3rd party developers to directly embed advertisements into their applications. The application developed can be used by any mobile devices, mobile based sites & web platform where developers, agencies, publishers and advertisers can exchange ads. 

If developers use this platform to create ads and use them in their application or website, they will keep a % of the revenue. The aim of the application developed will be to create an advertisement network platform with high quality videos & games as well as checkout (if the ads is about ecommerce related) instead of leaving the app or/and users website. The application developed will exhibit state of the art functionality & features.

For more info about bada check developer.bada.com

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