Monday, 6 June 2011

bada Seminar and Talk at ICT Forum in Salzburg, Austria

I was quite happy and proud that the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences, which I once graduated from invited me as guest speaker to their ICT Forum event. This is an annual event about a selected topic. This year's topic was All Mobile?! -- Risks and Chances of Mobile Communication. Find more here (all German). Or find my report below.

Several invited guest speakers presented their view on this topic. L.S.Z. Consulting talked about the change in the way we work because of mobile and the rise of social networks. Marko Rogge gave a lot of insight in how insecure mobile communication can be, how easy it can be to access to confidential and critical data, and how much damage can be caused through such malicious behaviour. Cisco reported about internal products and how they integrate mobile devices and smartphones already into their daily business. Final talk was also delivered excellently and with humor by Gerald Gross from Austrian Broadcasting. An interesting podium discussion rounded the day off.

My talk was about Challenges of Introducing a Mobile App Ecosystem and App Store and used bada as the example. In the talk I covered market figures, competition, and challenges in terms of finding differentiating factors in terms of strategy, technology, processes, and marketing.
Contents of the talk were picked up in other posts (see Sigi's blog).

You can find more details about the event here, and the presentations in the download section. And below is a summarising video report.

Nice was also that I got the chance to deliver a 2.5h bada Seminar to about 30 students in the morning. That was great but just enough to explain the basics and start with some first hands-on. We may continue on this.

For more info about bada check

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