Monday, 23 May 2011

SAMMI Weekly 16th~23rd : Mobile May

Samsung Developers shares the weekly highlights with fellow developers.

This week, Samsung Developers wants to introduce project 'Mobile May' again, which is specially provided at Samsung Developers Android Forum,

1. Mobile May

Mobile May, is a one-month-long project of Samsung Developers and bloggers connection. Celebrating the launch of Android support on this forum, Samsung features a blog post a day by thought leaders in the field of Android App Dev. Mobile May provides one post a day, 5 posts a week.

Here are 6 posts Mobile May introduced last week.

"Developer Tools for Building a Topic-Based, Personalized News Experience on Android" By Patrick Chapman

"Quick, Easy, and Integrative: Developing the Best Mobile Apps" By Gadi Mazor

"Upgrading Apps to Android Honeycomb and Beyond" By Yuntao Zhao

"Toy Raid Strikers" By Michelle Brandstetter of Flying Tiger Entertainment

"Going Beyond Facebook - LiveShare's new identity service" By Mayank Mehta

"In-app Payments for Android Apps" By Praveen Alavilli

You can see all the Mobile May contents at ''Featured Contents" section of Samsung Developers (New article updated daily!!)

Developers, see the guideline what Samsung Developers suggests at;

And the last 'Weekly Highlights', you can find it at

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