Tuesday, 12 April 2011

SAMMI Weekly 4th~ 11th (2): Android

Samsung Developers shares the weekly highlights with fellow developers.

Here's the part II of this week; on Android, and Dev Tips

(Part I is found at this link)

3. Google and Android.

- One of the hottest topics last week was Android.
well, not just for last week. Android might be the hottest platform in blogosphere. Android's expanding its physical territory to Google Apps as well as the market share of it.

Android Blows Past iPhone -- Even If You Include iPod Touch

- Chrome OS, would it replace Honeycomb at Tablet in the long run?

Google Quietly Preparing Chrome OS for Tablets

- As leaked before, Google now prepares a cloud-based music services.

[Taking Control of Android, and the Truth]

- As well-known, the market share of Android is soaring continuously but the fragmentation issue has been a big concern to Android developers. There's a rumor of Google that they try to seize the control of 'Open-source' Android. It makes sense that Google works for its compatibility, while there's other argument that seizing the control is opposed to the openness of 'Open-source' software.

Here's Why Google Is Right To Seize Control Over Android

- So Andy Rubin, VP in charge of Android, said the official stand of Google.

I think I’m having a Gene Amdahl moment (http://goo.gl/7v4kf)

As always, device makers are free to modify Android to customize any range of features for Android devices. This enables device makers to support the unique and differentiating functionality of their products. If someone wishes to market a device as Android-compatible or include Google applications on the device, we do require the device to conform with some basic compatibility requirements. (After all, it would not be realistic to expect Google applications – or any applications for that matter – to operate flawlessly across incompatible devices).

- and by the way,
an interesting post on difference between iOS and Android, in terms of UI/UX

Why do apps from the same company look worse on Android than on iPhone?

4. Technology Trends
- Web, Web, Web
- and the rise of NFC

The JavaScript Disruption

Why does NFC matter? Does tap beat swipe for mobile payments?

[Too many contents, the curator we need]
- App Store, Web App Store, Desktop App Store; the Appconomy.
Too many contents now coming out, so the curators recommend the right app to right people also has been introduced.

Turner invests in TeePee Games, a Pandora-like engine for social games

Quixey Raises $400K From Eric Schmidt’s Innovation Endeavors For App Search


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  1. Worth checking out the "Less than Free" article here regarding Google's market disruption - http://abovethecrowd.com/2009/10/29/google-redefines-disruption-the-%E2%80%9Cless-than-free%E2%80%9D-business-model/

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