Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Buddy Fix Developer [1]: Profiles, Privacy and Searching Video Now On-line!

In the second installment of our bada Social Networking series we start our code level introduction to BuddyFix, our open source, location-based, social networking application. We explain how BuddyFix manipulates profiles, demonstrate how to implement privacy and provide an indepth journey into the classes that BuddyFix uses to help you find and add your buddies.

This video shows how a real world bada application can make use of the features of the Social::Services namespace- which we introduced in our Introduction to Social Services video. We'll explain how the BuddyFix code is organised and hope to inspire you to use the BuddyFix code as the basis for your own exciting bada social networking applications.
Stay tuned for BuddyFix developer videos 2 & 3 which cover Messaging and using the SNS Gateway. 

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