Monday, 21 March 2011

Weekly Highlight (14th ~ 21st, March)

Samsung Developers shares the most impressive news with fellow developers.
Here the highlights for all the developers. Quickly follow the weekly news below and keep updated!

Highlight for week11(14th~21st, March); Scale and Diversity both do matter.
: To achieve scalability, do consider diversity.
: AT&T and T-Mobile, Amazon appstore and Angry Birds, Mobile Payment and NFC, and Web & Cloud

- Samsung launched a new developer site for 'bada' Developers on 17th.
Click the links below and easily find out what bada is about.

New and improved “bada Developers site” is now open!

Beginning with bada; a brief introduction of bada development process for beginner

Samsung launches latest device in the Galaxy family

2. Market Trends
- Huge deal between AT&T and T-Mobile USA, the 2nd and 4th biggest operators in the States, now it has 130mil subscribers; even bigger than Verizon's
- Angry Birds, to serve exclusive version at Amazon App Store, which is expected to come this week.
- Also, make your own revenue; the new ways of monetization is now on development.

[AT&T to Buy T-Mobile]

[Angry Birds, and Amazon]
What the Angry Birds Rio Exclusive on Amazon Android Store Means

Angry Birds maker may go public in the coming years

Amazon Android App Store Set to Launch Tuesday

[new way to Monetization]
Apple's Mobile Payments Revolution May Have To Wait Another Year

Mobile Ad Companies Are Drooling Over A Future Of "Connected TV" Apps -- And Ads

Look out PayPal: Visa jumps into personal payments

Google To Start Testing NFC Technology For Mobile Payments Ahead Of Apple

[Market Statistics]
UK Mobile Applications Download Revenue Reached £280 Million in 2010

US Smartphone Market Competition Set to Heat Up

Windows Phone 7 Marketplace hits 10,000 apps, Microsoft WP7 updates still way outnumbered

Android Tablets and Apple IPad Eating into the Computer Market

3. Developer Insights
- Market is fluctuating. The pattern of using app is also changing.
Getting hard achieving top it is. But here's the latest info help you get it.

How To Become A Millionaire: Sell An App 581,395 Times

Adobe Prepares For A Possible Future Without Flash

Mobile Phones for Messaging Will Grow to a Third of Feature Phone Shipments by 2015

Mobile App Users are both Fickle and Loyal

Eight Dos and Don'ts to Drive Sales Using Context-Enriched Mobile Applications

Are Location-Based Shopping Apps Catching On?

Mobile Cloud-Based Music Streaming Services Will Be Mainstream by 2016

Why the Future of Hardware Is Services

4. One more things to share

A dozen of the best start-up pitches on the Web

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