Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Free Samsung Wave Apps Chart

This week on the free Samsung Wave applications chart we've got a Mr. Dork, funny voices and a splash of Sci-Fi Ninjas (a regular weekend at my place!)

1. Mr Dork! developed by The Game Creators
2. Space Hell developed by Marcin Nowak
3. SNEAKaBOT developed by Online Marketing Solutions
4. FunnyVoice developed by Bostjan Marak
5. Ninja Jumper_Free developed by IPM Studios. Inc.

So new at number one this week is Mr. Dork! by The Game Creators, who btw if you haven't heard of them are worth checking out for all things game related. Mr.Dork! takes me back to a simpler gaming age, where it was all about fun rather than polygon count and 3D graphics. If you are lucky enough to already own a Wave, check out "Parachute Panic" which comes pre-loaded - this is thematically very similar, with the graphics reduced right down to a minimum, allowing the UI & Soundtrack to stand out. It also comes with a range of free Wii-like mini games to keep the "Dork!" experience fresh. Top Marks TGC!

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