Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Free Samsung Wave Apps Chart (Week 43)

Some exciting free bada apps this week on the top five free bada apps chart - No major studios present, which is quite exciting in terms of diverse products and smaller more interesting apps. To get the lowdown on the top five UK bada apps, keep reading after the jump... 

  1. Gemstone Breaker - Corporation
  2. Broken Screen - Elyptics SRL
  3. Tightrope Hero - GoodTeamStudio
  4. BubbleBang - Philipp Bender
  5. Cook Book - SEL India
As you can see, a couple of changes from week 42 - BubbleBang by Philipp Bender in at number four, pushing the mighty Beeb widget offthe top five list. Prettttttty similar to Bubble Breaker (from Windows Mobile fame) although with the Wave the selecting of bubbles is done by the fingertip (not a stylus) which means you might find yourself jabbing the screen a little. 
Cook Book by SEL India is the first free bada cooking app I've seen and I'm impressed. It has recipes for Indian (Punjabi, Rajesthani and South Indian) or International (Chinese, Italian, Thai) tastes. No pictures, but a wide range of meals to get your stomach rumbling. As a comparison I also downloaded IRecipe by Orient Business Solutions, which DOES have images but lacks the international flavour, instead featuring Pakistani Recipies (with awesome pictures & how to make each dish). As soon as I've finished this, I am off to rustle up some Royal Haressa!

Worth a mention this week is the awesome high octane (and aptly titled) Speed Forge Extreme from RatSquare. 
"It’s 2142, and the colonization of Mars is underway. Vast settlements have been created to house miners seeking the valuable raw materials of the Red Planet. Crime is rampant, time is abundant and the citizens are looking for some entertainment ..."
Yep, thats where we come in...Think PlayStation's "Wipeout" but with missiles and you'll get an idea of the speed, fluidity and excellent graphics that make up this awesome title - Go get some!
Will Distinctive Developments make it through certification in time for Halloween with the most excellent & actually quite spooky "Dead Runner"? C'mon certification team - we need Dead Runner!!

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