Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Free Samsung Wave Life coaching with White Fuse Media

 Want to turn over a new leaf and improve your health, the health of your little ones or getting ready for a new arrival and want some portable advice? Boy, you came to the right place, as today I am checking out White Fuse Media’s very sensible trio of apps, produced in conjunction with the UK’s National Health Service (NHS).
Pregnancy Tips
 In order of review we’ll go from cradle to grave, so to speak, kicking things off with Pregnancy Tips
Upon starting the app, the first thing you will notice is that the content is supplied by NHS choices, the online “face” of the NHS, so you know the info is going to be honest, trustworthy and sensible. You’ll be prompted to enter bundle of joy’s date of arrival (guys, you can enter your partners due date – if you don’t know it yet, there are no excuses now!). Then it’s simply a matter of customising the app to notify you of up to 3 top tips a week, each providing relevant practical information on everything from morning sickness to birthing methods. Harking back four years, I would have found this app comforting to have to hand!

Childhood Tips
Next on our list is Childhood Tips, which allows you to add three children up to five years old. Again, you can receive up to 3 tips per week, these are age based, so I got lots of toddler tips, but can see that changing my child’s age brought a whole heap of new content – this time info on Starting School.

Keep Fit Tips
With Keep Fit Tips right off the bat you will be prompted to choose up to three of four goals and the frequency of your Alerts -
-          Do more exercise
-          Improve my emotional health
-          Improve my diet
-          Quit smoking
The spread here is pretty broad, but all the alerts offer sensible, practical advice as you would expect, ranging from cutting down on sugars and fats, to getting through the day without reaching for a smoke. All in all the entire range is very useful and definitely worth a download.

White Fuse Media were supported by the fact that the NHS makes its resources available to developers. The NHS Syndication site, which was also put together by White Fuse Media, explains how developers can access NHS health information and use it to build apps and widgets across different platforms. There are a number of areas available for syndication, including Health A-Z, Find Services, Hospital and GP comments and videos. It's great that they have decided to be so generous with their info as its all high quality.
I’ve always been keen on apps that benefit the greater good, so any developers looking to use the NHS content should definitely take a look.

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