Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Free Samsung Wave Apps Chart (Week 38)

The piano stopped, the saloon door stopped swinging and all eyes focused on the door. There was a stranger in town. A stranger with great hair, a stranger that liked to know things, about everything, and everyone...

  1. barcoo - checkitmobile GmbH
  2. Need For Speed™ Shift - Electronic Arts
  3. BBC NEWS AND SPORT - Samsung Electronics UK
  4. Bruce Lee Dragon Warrior - Distinctive Developments
  5. Magic Torch - Magic App’s

barcoo by checkitmobile GmbH
That’s right, knocking the outstanding Bruce Lee off the top spot this week is “barcoo" by checkitmobile GmbH and I have to admit, I love it! The idea (in theory) is simple - "barcoo" lets you scan bar codes (those thin black lines found on everything), then contacts a back-end database somewhere and locates the product in question. On my first try it couldn't find the chewing gum I had sitting on my desk, but it aced the barcode for “Introduction to bada: A Developers Guide” (out now btw on Amazon!) showing me the title, a mini thumbnail and letting me post a review - where I raved about how awesome it is. For consumable products, there is the chance to get a look at the ingredients too, so barcoo could be very useful when monitoring dietary intake while out and about? I am thinking along the lines of allergies/specific dietary requirements? 

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