Thursday, 12 August 2010

Communication convergence dilemma!

Trying to keep all the user names and passwords, buzzing around your head together is hard enough, but at the moment I must have 8 email addresses, that all want to manage each other AND my calendars AND my to-do lists AND my contacts.... I've just re-joined Hotmail after a year away am glad to see they are offering Microsoft Outlook synchronisation again (the main reason I left jumped ship for Yahoo in the first place).
Outlook offers a lovely centralised solution in coordinating my schedule while at home or work, using my Windows Mobile 6.5 device (Omnia II). Does anyone have any suggestions that might make life easier? Would I be better sticking with Yahoo (premium - to allow the outlook email synch), or should I switch back to Hotmail again for free? Gmail is a bit like the Ikea of web apps - functional but lacking soul and it Microsoft ActiveSynch makes it all so easy to do (just jacking in with the USB charger) between the office and home... Any advice welcome!    

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