Sunday, 29 August 2010

bada Global Developer Challenge - Judging Criteria

Only a few days left to go now to submit entries for the Global bada Developer Challenge! I hope you've all made submission successfully and got your hero apps in on time. Lets look at the criteria again - 

Judging Criteria
1. Uniqueness
    How unique and creative is the application in the way that it uses the bada platform?
2. Commercial potential
    How useful is the application for the mass-market? Would customers use it?
3. Functionality
    Does the application work quickly and effectively without any issues?
4. Usability
    Is the application simple to understand and easy to use?
5. Design
    Does the application have a professional feel and user experience that integrates well 
    with the device?

Some of these criteria would have been pretty easy to judge against at launch, but now there are more apps in the market its going to take something pretty cool to stand out from the crowd. Personally I think something that's simple, clever and useful is always going to have Commercial Potential too, but I'd also like to point out this could be realised with in-app purchasing functionality as well. Usability and Design are harder than I thought to pull off well. Its easy to know what looks not so great, but that wont make your app the "Samsung bada Champion", its gotta be carried over into the design, working hand in hand with the programmers to eke every last bit of functionality out of it. 
What do you think? Will you let us know what you think of the winners?

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