Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Samsung Dive ~ Now Live!!

Thought I should share this excellent service with you - if anyone out there is excessively polishing their new Super AMOLED Wave (like me) or playing with their ultra fine Galaxy S (like Phil) you might want to consider registering for Samsung Dive - its a free service* for that dreaded moment, when you realise you've lost or had your handset stolen. Once you've registered Dive will allow you to remotely track, lock and if worst comes to the worst (Defence Dept. employees take note!) wipe your phone's memory completely.
The system works (at least on the Wave so far) linking to the device via the "Samsung Account" section. I'm off to play around with it now. Let us know your thoughts!? -
*Free, as in free to use, but normal network & data charges apply

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