Friday, 25 June 2010

Project #ROTU - Samsung Mobile Innovator UK's first App!

So some of you may of been getting some #ROTU tweets recently and been thinking, "just what is a #ROTU and does it have a Super AMOLED Screen?"
Well, the short answer is, #ROTU is the codename we decided on for our first internal bada application.... It started out as a concept, a gathering of ideas if you will, but has now grown into a fully fledged project with a microscopic budget and a full time team of one (Michal our coder)!!
We've all had distractions, but our app project has been a really pleasurable learning experience for all of us. The hardest part so far has been finishing off all the game rules in the game design document. Hat's off to the folk that design MMO's or complex D&D games... my game design document became a bit of a labour of love and is currently 90% complete. I had to put it to one side to actually build the game! To further complicate matters, my Game Design Document is a MS Word based affair and pretty dry to look at. Our graphic designer, in the spirit of cooperation designed a better one, which everyone prefers to use, but his is now out of date and out of Samsung control (My spider senses are tingling, this means trouble!).

Ours is a simple shooter, with a twist. We've got a VIP coming over on Tuesday, so we are hoping to be able to show him an early demo - Who knows, we might be able to score some budget and create some more?!

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