Friday, 3 July 2009

Infinite possibilities with the camera functionality of our latest i8910 HD DevPack.

Holding the a webcam in front of the screen, so that it shows a screen of a webcam being held in front of a screen, and that then shows a screen of a webcam being held in front of a screen and within that screen…

Well this was the first thing we did when we were testing the functionality of our latest DevPack anyway. We admit it, we’re geeks, but we think the picture below is pretty cool – and after all it is a Friday.

The latest version of our DevPack for the i8910 HD features webcam support which allows you to test the camera API in the emulator. This is the first Symbian emulator to feature this functionality and we think - while maybe not infinite – it will definitely open up some great opportunities for developers looking to develop applications that make use of the camera. 


  1. nice mobile,before going to get this mobile i would like to know whether thisunlockedor locked needed

  2. Thats great. I think samsung should be more innovative and bring some more features in to their mobiles like compatibility with internet phone service, more colors etc.


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