Monday, 15 June 2009

Your widget on the world’s biggest screen!

Well for a mobile device anyway…

Today we started publicising this year’s Samsung IQ. Samsung IQ has always been an important program for Samsung. Prior to the launch of Samsung Mobile Innovator it was one of the main ways we reached out to the developer community and asked you to show us what you were working on.

With the arrival of Samsung Mobile Innovator, you now have a number of ways to engage with Samsung, including our discussion boards and Samsung IQ is however unique amongst our activities in that it has a competitive element and the opportunity to get cash instantly (provided you win of course).

What’s the theme for 2009?
This year’s competition is all about building Samsung home screen widgets. The only criteria is that your entry is a widget, and that it runs on the Samsung home screen. We’ve even relaxed our terms and conditions so that the IP is owned solely by you. So get ready to get creative.

The target device is our latest Symbian handset: the i8910 HD. This is the first Symbian device to launch since the Symbian Foundation was formed and to celebrate Symbian are co-sponsoring the event with us.

What’s up for grabs?
As with previous SIQs there are valuable rewards for the winning entries. This year, in addition to a large cash prize pool, we are offering a prime route-to-market for your widget. This means your work could end up on a huge number of devices.

How do I enter?
Anyone can enter. You will need to join Samsung Mobile Innovator first (this takes about two minutes and is completely free), and then submit your widget at Submissions open on Wednesday 24 June 2009.

Can I get started now?
Yes, there are no restrictions on the category of widget you create. Over the coming weeks we will be providing further information on how to target the i8910 HD, and you’ll also be able to perform your own tests in If you already have a widget that you’d like to submit there is no problem, provided it doesn’t violate the SIQ terms and conditions. These will be published when the competition launches.

Any questions?
If you have any questions about the competition, or the technology behind Samsung home screen widgets, visit our discussion boards. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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