Monday, 25 July 2011

Top Samsung Apps (July) - Health/Life

Download the top ten Health/Life apps free for your Samsung Mobile today!

With our handy list, the only thing holding you back is an old pair of sneakers and a yoga mat (although we all must surely know, equipment is not the most important obstacle on the path to physical perfection*)

Fitness Free by Viaden Media
1.  Fitness Free
2.  Pedometer Free
3.  YOGA Free
4.  iMapMyRun+
5.  DietCoach
6.  First Aid+
7.  Healthy Food
8.  MY Baby Names
9.  London Tube Free
10. Calorie Counter

*The most important obstacle on the path to physical perfection, is positive mental attitude (often neatly encapsulated by the phrase "Just Do It")


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  1. Thanks for sharing this informative blog about samsung apps. I like first aid app because it is really helpful in case of emergency.


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