Thursday, 28 July 2011

Rewrite iPhone app for Windows Mobile | Elance Job

"The best way to describe it is to have you download the iPhone equivalent that I want to port to Windows Phone. The app is called Ringtones Uncensored and there are free versions so try those. Pro adds volume and speed options and allows the user to select from 40 voices and 200 I tro sound fx. If you are a serious bidder and want to see the Pro version which is only $0.99, I can gift it to you or send a promo code. You can also view our YouTube videos by visiting   [obscured]  and clicking Videos. Look for AutoRingtone or ringtones uncensored. Ignore the Ringtone Director video as that app is more complicated (but if you do a good job, I might ask you to port that app and others... I have 70 iOS apps!)

Basically the app has you fill in a few text fields and submit them to our web server via GET or POST. The text fields are used to create a text to speech ringtone. Upon successful submission, the app downloads an MP3 file which it plays and saves for use as a ringtone."

Rewrite iPhone app for Windows Mobile, submits web | Elance Job

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