Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Free Samsung Apps Chart

This week's top free apps chart encourages you to keep calm and carry on. Also, not to SMS or play with your phone while driving! Be safe out there folks, your date can wait and nope, no-one likes being crushed by vehicular collisions mkay!?

Excellent hero image androidunc!
1. Angry Birds by Rovio
2. RoadSMS_m by androidunc
3. Movies by Flixster, Inc.
4. Road Message_m by androidunc
5. SCOREGolf by Handmark

So the biggest change to this week's free Samsung Apps chart is that E.A Nederlands has been kicked out, to be replaced by "androidunc" with the quite useful, but also slightly worrying RoadSMS_m and the very similar but obviously slightly different Road message_m

ffs please don't use this while driving on the M25!
Both seem to offer extra sensory perception-like abilities to be able to SMS while in motion! If only everything was like this, we could all potentially read a book, while jogging/cycling/talking to wife/eating or something?

Could you resist, looking away from your phone to check it was real?
RoadSMS_m as mentioned is pretty similar, but looks like it doesn't come with Twitter integration - again, not sure if I'm convinced about its usefulness but let me know if I am wrong? 

SCOREGolf by Handmark freaks me out a little. I know if you look on Samsung Apps there is a dedicated category for Handmark apps but I didn't realise they were knocking out Android apps now too - who are Handmark? What's their objective? I'm not a big golfing fan, but this description certainly had me, well, right up until the last three words anyway!

"SCOREGolf mobile brings you the all top golf news. Featuring blogs, videos, photo galleries and up to the minute golf news, SCOREGolf is the resource for serious Canadian golf fans."

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