Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Free Samsung Apps Chart

Anyone got any new killer Android Apps we can all get excited about? This chart is beginning to feel like a practical joke! Is a camera crew going to jump out in Rovio t-shirts and smack me upside the head with a full size Glyder®3D wing?

1. Angry Birds by Rovio
2. EA Games by Adam Fulford
3. Medieval Castle Defence by Yong-Eun Jung
4. SPT TV Android by SPB Software Inc.
5. Glyder®3D by Glu Mobile Inc.

With Rovio's monster, Angry Birds still at the top of the chart, I can only guess its due to Android device pickup, with each new handset saying, "hmm, what cool apps can I get for my new phone? I know!!". EA Games by Adam Fulford still isnt worth getting excited about unless you like your gardens walled and your demos short... Medieval Castle Defence by Yong-Eun Jung is an interesting take on the tower defence game (the best on this list, is a clone of a million others... TAEK ME TO YOUR LEADER!. I feel like I should like SPT TV Android by SPB Software Inc more, but I just cant. I think they should white label their solution and offer it to other content providers... Sure we might end up with a hundred niche channels, but they'd be your niche and no one elses... Its the best way to monetise the long tail baby!

smack my wing up
Glyder®3D - I cant finish this article as I am currently playing Glyder®3D.

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