Sunday, 19 June 2011

Augmented Reality on bada [pt3] @ AP2011

The Venue - Augmented Planet 2011
The Speaker - Keith "AiRaid" Bauwise
The Subject - Augmented Reality on bada (AiRaid - Rise Of The Undead)

We've made it to the final chapter of this epic triple whammy of videos, and as I ran out of footage we saved the best to last, this video is also the shortest (but most poignant?)...

Being Gold sponsors at Augmented Planet allowed us to share our work so far in the area of augmented reality (AR) by providing insights into "AiRaid - Rise of the Undead", our popular bada AR first person ghost blasting game (instead of a shoot-em-up, its more a suck-em-up!).

This presentation ends with Keith proposing new developments for AiRaid, also adding exciting extensions to the bada SDK (AiRaid library) that will allow other bada developers to quickly realize their AR applications based on the work already performed in AiRaid.

In layman's terms that means when we open source AiRaid (like with BuddyFix), the hard work will of been done already, so you'll be able to download the framework, modify the assets and KAPOW!! - you've got a 1st person AR shooter game! 

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