Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Samsung Mobile is now number 1 in Europe !!

Further to our earlier blog covering the fact that in terms of total shipments Samsung outperformed Windows Phone devices with bada devices in the APAC region, I would like to share with you further news:

The Q1 figures for 2011 arrived and apparently Samsung now gained the biggest market share in total mobile phones shipped in Europe according to FierceWireless Europe.

According to FierceWireless "Samsung's sales in the region rose by 5 per cent, leading to its market share rising to 29 per cent, while Nokia's share in the quarter fell to 28 per cent after its handset sales slipped by 10 per cent."

Also, IDC analyst Francisco Jeronimo from Reuters said: "Nokia is one of the most recognised and appreciated brands in Europe, but Samsung was the one understanding the trends first and moving faster."

Find the whole article here.
For more info about bada check developer.bada.com

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  1. Francisco Jeronimo was my stage name dude. I forgot to tell you. Apologies.


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