Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Internet World 2011

Today I had the pleasure of making my annual pilgrimage to Internet World in Earls Court Exhibition Centre. No major surprises this year, with "Cloud" services gaining in popularity and traditional firms struggling to make sense (or monetise) their Digital/Social spaces. There were, as always some undiscovered gems that were worth learning about....

You gotta love trade shows aimed at geeks!

Quotetopay was set up by Malcolm Rosier and Son, has been going for a few years, and offers a full quote
to-invoice mobile payment solution, allowing suppliers, to quote, invoice & receive payment all via either a smartphone web based experience or SMS. The Quotetopay website takes a tiny cut & there is another small  card handling fee, but these are negligible compared to what a large secure payment gateway would charge ( for low volume transactions). While chatting to Malcolm, I was actually thinking about software development and how anyone could potentially use the system to run the transactional side of their business. 

On another stand I got chatting to Natasha O'Brien, a member of the Reading Girl Geek Dinners - Natasha was looking for speakers for a Girl Geek Dinner event in late November, so we've reached out to help Girl Geeks get up to speed with bada! Watch this space for more details!

A Gaussian blur experiment!
Conduit is a very powerful solution that just needs a bada shaped cherry on top, and it'd be a highly usable drag and drop app creation solution. I have no idea where they make their money, but there's no mention of charges so far... If anyone from Conduit is reading this, please feel free to get in touch! We'd love to talk to you about bada!

Also worth mentioning are Web Spiders who can produce applications, as part of a larger client service offering - they make it sound very easy, and again, I noticed they had all the major platforms listed, but needed a little education on bada and its massive market penetration. 

Nominet - the Joaquin Phoenix of the on-line world. 

My badge got scanned by lots of companies, so tomorrow I'll probably get loads of junk mail some more highly relevant leads in the next few days, but I thought it was worth sharing these few with you. I try to go to Internet World every year, to keep an eye out for new services and agencies etc (not just for the sweets and lollipops honest!). 

For more info about bada check

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