Wednesday, 25 May 2011

freelance bada development projects available online

Three new bada development projects up for grabs via vWorker and Elance
Three projects just came in via the internets to get excited about (sure, you may have to pay a small fee to big, but this is a democracy, so lets be thankful for small mercies) -

1. Port Print Magic from IOS to Bada (via Elance)
Summary - Port Print Magic Application (currently on Apple iOS) to Bada. The app would be a single app incorporating our PDF printing function.

2.  Full time bada developer required (via vWorker)
Summary - bada developer required full time for ongoing project (3 month +). Please apply by sending links to two bada apps you have developed.

3. bada UI classes required (via vWorker)
Summary - bada developer required to create two form based UI classes, callable from any other form
Class 1 (MediaViewer).Take either a Movie, photo, Location or audio file and display to the user. Video and audio will have appropriate 'play, stop, pause, ffwd, rew' buttons. Location will be a zoomable map.
Class 2 (MediaPicker). This class will allow the user to create a new photo, movie or audio clip using the mobiles camera, or select an existing photo, movie or audio file form the devices media folders.
Memory management must be included, no memory leaks etc.

They all sound pretty interesting - please get in touch if you end up working on any of them? We just can't get enough of your "bada gun for hire" freelance stories!

For more info about bada check

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