Monday, 9 May 2011

bada orange partner event Wave II winners!

As mentioned in earlier posts, we gave away some Wave II handsets at our recent bada Orange partner event - the lucky winners were as follows -

Karen Barber, for Best Tweet of the night! - "thinking I need special glasses to read the code #badalondon @ Orange Labs - France Telecom #photo"

Karen's view from the back!

Ash Cairo for Highest AiRaid Score! Ash scored an awesome 605 points!
Ash doing his AiRaid thang

Jo Rabin, for correctly naming three new features in bada 2.0
Jo (requiring hands free kit!)

Last but not least, Colin MConnell, for correctly pointing out that the test namespace was introduced in bada 1.1

Colin (Also an AiRaid Master) 

I totally missed the name of the fella that correctly named three server-side services used by BuddyFix (whoever you are, you got off lucky!), but congrats guys, thank you for coming - it was great to meet you and please keep in touch!

Post event drinks & nibbles
For more info about bada check

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