Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Mobile Monday London AiRaid Fast Pitch

Not being familiar with the setup at Mobile Monday I was pleasantly blown away last night by some of the great products, services and solutions pitched last night at the CBI at Centre Point (London, UK). While we were rehearsing our slides, the rooms quickly filled up and we were advised we would be going on 5th. It was at that point we realised we couldn't show the presentation at all as we were an essential cable short.... 

Keith running through some AiRaid essentials
After a mad dash to Covent Garden, we we ushered into the first presentation room. For the uninitiated, Mobile Monday's Fast Pitches Event, gives each presenter three minutes to pitch thier idea, be it service, system or concept, a couple of minutes of peer review in the form of a free flow of Q&A, then when all the the acton moves to the next room where it's repeated. It would make a great TV documentary and would potentially capture some of the palpable excitement in both rooms. There were ultra-local user-to-user discovery services, cloud based storage solutions, virtual animals and of course our own 360 degree AR ghost blaster AiRaid - Rise Of The Undead. 

A keen AiRaider mid game!
Once the fast pitches were over we all made the most of the free drinks laid on by our generous hosts (intel) and caught up with some old (and new) faces. Events like these offer an excellent forum for instant feedback, which of course flows both ways. After swapping lots of business cards, we retired to a slightly too clean Burrito joint around the corner for a beer and some chilli heat. We'd earn't it! I cant wait for the next one. Its great to be able to get an idea of what's going on out there up close and personal and a great chance to extol the virtues of our products and services. 

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  1. what a shitty article... Did you even see that guy with the horse? It was magical. The audience was sighing. SIGHING!


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