Monday, 14 March 2011

Weekly Highlight (7th ~ 13th, March)

SAMMI blog provides weekly highlights for all developers working on mobile ecosystem.

1. Samsung News

Android powered Galaxy Pro comes packed with entertainment and social media features

bada official website ‘’ renewal open!

bada online lecture videos

2. Market Trends

comScore Reports January 2011 U.S. Mobile Subscriber Market Share

Android Overtakes iPhone in the UK Smartphone Market

Android Explodes in Western Europe - Becomes the Biggest Smartphone OS in 4Q10

Google Is Closing The Gap On Apple's App Store

Smartphones to Break 100M Shipment Mark in Asia/Pacific - Excluding Japan

Smartphones to Drive Enterprise Data Plan Revenues to $102bn in 2016

3. User Insights

Mobile Applications Downloads Approached Eight Billion in 2010

750 Million Mobile Users Expected to Use Mobile Ticketing by 2015

Apps Need Great Experiences, Not Tech

Why Payments Are Hard, Even For Apple And Google

Twitter tells third-party developers to stop building clients

Smartphone Owners More Likely to Text While Driving

4. Dev Tips and Tricks

10 Useful Tools For Cross-Browser Compatibility Check

Android Apps Developers Able to Use Haptic Feedback from Touchscreens

8 Essential Developer Apps for Multiple Platforms

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