Thursday, 24 March 2011

Free Samsung Wave Apps Chart

This weeks Free Samsung Wave Apps chart is a spicy beast! I'm definitely detecting the aroma of history here - along with some hardcore racing action! Continue reading for the full chart...

1. Krazy Kart Racing developed by Konami Digital Entertainment
2. Asphalt 5 developed by Gameloft
3. Movies
4. This day in history
5. Mobile developed by 2010.

So positions Krazy Kart Racing remains in the top position for the 3rd week running, and rightly so some might say - games by legends like Konami usually command a certain level of attention and this is no different, although I should point out its only for the Samsung Omnia II at the moment - (KONAMI - PLEASE PORT THIS APP!! SHARE THE WEALTH!!). Asphalt 5 pulling a close 2nd is now £1, so not technically free, I cant find Movies or This day in history on the UK Samsung Apps store, which leads me nicely to Mobile, which is great as I don't like football... (deep breath) but if I did, I'd certainly look past the negative initial reviews and give this app a download while its totally free...

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