Sunday, 20 February 2011

QuickStartGuide - Resources

We’ll explain more about what bada can do and what makes bada different in future blog posts, but for now we’ll list a few resources that should help you get started. The SDK comes with an extensive help system which you can open from the IDE by choosing Help|Help Contents. This gives extensive API documentation and lots more.

On you’ll find a Blogs and Lectures section, within which you’ll find videos which provide detailed introductions to bada features such as Security, Maps and Locations and Messaging with  more coming soon.

There’s also a section which provides recipes from the bada book: “Introduction to bada: A developer’s guide” (Wiley), another great resource to kick-start your bada development.

Introduction to bada: A developer’s guide

You can find out about bada 2.0 by checking out the presentations from the recent bada Dev Day @ MWC here. For further news, app reviews and a taster of the wider bada community why not check out our list of "Likes" on the right hand of the page. You can also find us on Twitter  here @

Thanks for reading. Keep checking for more blog posts and we look forward to welcoming you to the world of bada development.

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