Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Free Samsung Wave Apps Chart

This week's top free samsung wave applications arrive clad in AirRaid green, as we've decided to make AiRaid feel at home for a while. I'm sure you've all downloaded this exciting free wave application by now, but if not, just visit Samsung Apps to get yourself a free copy ASAP!

No change to the top five free Samsung Wave apps this week, with the firm favourites Mr. Dork!Turn Em and Space Hell occupying first, second and third positions respectively.

1. Mr Dork! developed by The Game Creators
2. Turn Em developed by Online Marketing Solutions
3. Space Hell developed by Marcin Nowak
4. Windows Live Widget developed by riccamgom
5. Amtalee developed by Mariusz Radziszewski

New on the list at number four in a surprising move for a rival mobile OS is Windows Live Widget by riccamgom - Having used some Windows Mobile handsets in the past, I had pretty high expectations of this when I saw the instantly recognisable MSN "salt n pepper" people as below...

But once I dragged it onto my "idle desktop" the rigid standards you'd expect from Microsoft slipped away and with the icon image looking a little wonky... It's small enough to share the screen with most other widgets, but is essentially a short cut to the MSN login page - I was kinda expecting, I don't know, it to run MSN from the Idle Screen? Do we need to rethink our widgets? What do you use the most? Would you use live wallpapers in the same way?

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