Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Free Samsung Wave Apps Chart

This weeks top free samsung wave apps seem to be an interesting blend of puzzles and zombies witha  few gags thrown in. I've got a suspicion about what might be next week's top free wave app too!

1. Mr Dork! developed by The Game Creators
2. Turn Em developed by Online Marketing Solutions
3. Space Hell developed by Marcin Nowak
4. FunnyVoice developed by Bostjan Marak
5. Zombie Slaughter_Free developed by IPM Studio, Inc.
Mr. Dork! by TGC is still riding high in the download charts, with newcomer "Turn Em" taking 2nd place - if you've not played Mr Dork! yet, go do it.
This hastily written blog post can wait! If you have played it, you'll probably enjoy the highly addictive Turn Em just as much. Slightly darker, this game takes its inspiration from the old school Pipe Mania series, with the player connecting the network to help the water flow. The awesome Space Hell is still doing well, and I'm wondering when it's going to be replaced/upgraded/updated to not be quite so free?
FunnyVoice is sure to get the kids giggling on a long train journey and the newest and most bad ass app of the week........... Zombie Slaughter_Free!!! Get it while it is people as this one doesn't sound like it'll be around for long! I've played many twin stick shooters like this before ("SmashTV", "Zombie Apocalypse","I MAED A GAM3 W1TH ZOMB1ES!!!1" and even "Robotron" to name but a few) - but I'd like to make a suggestion for next week's chart - something I found recently - the totally awesome (still with the zombies) is iGravedigger - I'll let the video do the talking here....

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