Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Free Samsung Wave Apps Chart (Week 51)

As expected we've all been really busy downloading and sampling the joys of the free apps from the global developer challenge. So busy in fact, we almost forgot to mention the redesign of the Samsung Apps site!
 With considerable talent demonstrated in all app categories, having so many brilliant toys and tools to choose from has been excellent fun! This weeks top five free bada apps are.....
  1. WAMO Camera - HyongAsoft Corp.
  2. FinalStrike3D - Grzegorz Adamczyk
  3. PandoraBox - HWANG YONG GEUN
  4. pool - Mobile Pie Ltd
  5. TouchRetouch - Adva-Soft
I think PandoraBox is a great idea, and its nicely realised too - Simple to use and the sound effects seem to be pretty good quality - all the micro apps I used seemed to work as expected and some serious development time must have gone into this. An App you'll most definitely find a use for. Particular Favourites are  -

1. Air Horn
10. Toilet Etiquette
15. White Noise

As an antidote to a festive overdose, you might like to try Last Man On Mars by Marcin Nowak. Marcin got in touch with me a couple of days ago to let me know LMOM was live on the App Store. Being a Sci-Fi fan, I had to download it right away (Its not free, but is a steal at £1). An addictive cross between Smash TV and Desktop Tower Defence, ON MARS with a  banging soundtrack you wouldn't feel ashamed to have coming out of your stereo. If only it had some Kuato action it would be
close to perfect!

Merry Christmas Folks!

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