Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Free Samsung Wave Apps Chart (Week 50)

I dont know about you, but this week, my awesome Samsung Wave phone has been fuller than a fat ladies shoe!  I've had to remove surplus content to install all the new apps from the Samsung Global Developer Challenge - its been great fun so lets see who the top five free samsung bada apps are this week -
  1. WAMO Camera - HyongAsoft Corp.
  2. FinalStrike3D - Grzegorz Adamczyk
  3. Little Sailor - Maciej Komosinski
  4. Infernus Verse 1 - Motalen, Inc.
  5. TouchRetouch - Adva-Soft
WAMO Camera by HyongAsoft Corp is an excellent alternative camera to pull out when you want to experiment with ease - with a tap of the button you can switch between the front and rear facing cameras, allowing you to capture those all important reaction shots! I did find myself pressing the native camera button, but you pick up the controls almost straight away. Nice user interface and a great amount of options to play around with. A clear champion app!

Also worth playing around with, is TouchRetouch by Adva-Soft.  This nifty tool will easily allow you to remove objects from photo's (potentially taken with WAMO Camera?) and on my first try was quite superb. I'd need to experiment with the brush & eraser sizes to make the removal really precise, but it really empowers your device, allowing you to customise your photos without even engaging a PC. 

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