Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Free Samsung Wave Apps Chart (Week 49)

This weeks top five free samsung bada apps should brace themselves - we're announcing the winners of the Global Developer Challenge, and that can only mean one thing! Awesome Free Samsung Apps!!!
Week 49's top five looks something like this....
  1. pool - Mobile Pie Ltd
  2. VKK_Christmas_theme - enrico contarin
  3. YouTube Download 2 - Fireworks Solutions Sdn Bhd
  4. Wordshake - British Council
  5. Precision - Senit Felic
Precision by Senit Felic is a cool theme - its well designed and the icons look great on the Super AMOLED screen. Menu's are clear, icons are easy to work out and text is legible. All in all a tidy theme that will brighten up your handset! No surprises that VKK_Christmas_theme is still charting (I'd expect it to for at least, oh, another 17 days!) and app downloaders have more patience than I, keeping YouTube Download 2 in the chart.
I wonder what next week's chart will look like? I'd place a festive bet of a mince pie and glug of sherry that none of the above are still in the top five next week - no offense to the great apps above, but we've just announced the bada Global Developer Challenge and all category winners are free on the Samsung App Store, for 1 month! So get em while they're hot!

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