Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Free Samsung Wave Apps Chart (Week 47)

This week's free wave apps chart is running slightly behind, so I better get on with it! I just downloaded the free app FunFunBall, and have possibly never been worse at a game than this...
  1. poolMobile Pie Ltd
  2. WordshakeBritish Council
  3. FunFunBall - usoftation
  4. VKK_Christmas_theme - enrico contarin
  5. Tightrope Hero - GoodTeamStudio
FunFunBall is a great sports compendium of ball related games (just in time for Movember) which allows the player to take part in Baseball batting, bowling, and field goal scoring to name but a few. I think the developers "usoftation" missed a trick getting some sponsorship onto the ads in the virtual football field but its a great set of mini-games to while away the train ride to work. On a serious ball-related note, did you know that Testicular Cancer is the most prevalent Cancer in men between the ages of 15 – 40? If you are reading this now, and want to show the world you care about men’s health, why not sponsor the Samsung Movember Innovator team with a  small donation here.

Also surely worth a download is enrico contarin's Christmas Theme - this literally makes me go all warm and gooey - With snow on the way, I'm sure that this theme will be a firm favourite for the rest of the Wave world for the next 31 days. Adding a touch of snow to your common apps, and a big damned splodge of cheer, all this theme set needs is some jingling sleigh bells and it'll be perfect for Christmas.

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