Thursday, 9 September 2010

New Wave family members

Just spent a lovely half hour playing with the Wave 723, Wave 2 Pro & Wave 2 and am pleased to report I would gladly enter into a long term relationship contract with any of them. Especially pleasing in terms of look and feel was the Wave 2 Pro.
Wave 2 & Wave 2 Pro

Built for heavy SMS users, the hand-set is nearly identical in size & weight to the Wave 2, but as you know has an ace up its sleeve. I almost didn't notice the slide out qwerty keyboard at first - although it did feel a little beefier than the Wave 2. I've been a fan of slide-out qwerty keyboards since 2005 when I went out on a limb and traded up for my T-Mobile MDA Vario.

MDA Vario (Love that QWERTY)
Also known as the HTC Wizard, this little beast was my first real introduction to mobile computing. Its stylus made precision clicking possible, and its blue tooth, Wi-Fi & infra-red was more than enough for me. I could now work, even when not technically at work!! Yay!? With a little searching online, I managed to unlock it from T-Mobile and  then used it as my mobile mini pc for a good 2 more years. Its now a brick in my drawer awaiting recycling, but there will always be a special place in my heart for slide out QWERTY keyboards...

The awesome Wave 723 specs in case you missed them are here.


  1. Have you tried apps made for the Wave? Do they work fine?

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