Thursday, 2 September 2010

Galaxy Tab ideas

So the world woke this morning to the teaser of the Samsung Galaxy Tab, with its has anyone got any fantastic apps they are keen to develop for the Tab? I'd love to see some ideas. I am thinking about all the added functionality the extra screen real estate could bring....
Are we potentially looking at just bigger game areas, or does a regular game of Chess become ultra-Chess with an 8 x 12 board? Or will we see the classic games of old, from Monopoly and Game of Life to pinball etc.) stretched out onto the 7" screen?
For more details you can check out the official site or (ahem) the Chinese site of the leak


  1. I'd say it depends on how many Android-based tablets (with higher resolution than smartphones) will be on the market. While I'd love to play board games - or really use any app that makes sensible use of the larger screen, like on the iPad - on the Galaxy Tab (which I'm seriously considering getting though I already have a Galaxy S), I fear that the smaller market is not very attractive for Android developers. Hopefully some hybrid apps will come out at least.

  2. I agree - I think with its expansive screen, there is a real chance to make something really engaging - I've just seen a plastic 4 pack of controllers with a TV docking station that turn the iPad into a games machine ( - something like that would be an excellent feature?


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