Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Free Samsung Wave Apps Chart (Week 34)

This week the unthinkable has happened! “Need For Speed™ Shift” has been de-throned! The giant of OpenGL ES has been ousted from the top spot by a newcomer with a lot to offer those in need of a quick fix of classic puzzle action! Continue reading for the details -
1. Connect 4U - Tobias Wohlfrom
2. Need For Speed™ Shift - Electronic Arts
3. ARDefender - int13
4. BBC NEWS AND SPORT - Samsung Mobile UK
5. Magic Torch - Magic App's

Yes, I thought it might happen this week, but wouldn’t have suspected "Connect 4U" to be the app to do it! “Need For Speed™ Shift” no longer taking pole position, moved over for the simpler, more dignified affair that is Connect 4U - its colourful multiplayer option a firm favourite among commuters across the UK.
"ARDefender" (currently a Samsung Wave Exclusive) is a welcome landscape entry to the list and I think it’s a very novel game. It’s the kind of thing you can happily pull out to show your friends, or like me, use to educate your parents about the rudimentary elements of Augmented Reality. I carry the printout with me at all times (just in case a demo is needed). 

"BBC NEWS AND SPORT", kindly provided by our very own Samsung Mobile UK team does what it says on the tin, allowing you to configure the refresh rate and tailor the leading articles of each category according to taste. Also rather niftily it’ll allow you to share articles via email, SMS or Facebook.

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