Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Free Samsung Wave Apps Chart (Week 32)

This week, perhaps Wave users are looking for something to relax with as they lounge by the pool? Usually I’d suggest a Camberwell carrot and some vinyl lederhosen, but this week it looks like our brains are in training and we’re crying out for some stimulation! For the schizzle on this week’s Global Samsung Wave top apps hit “Read More” below -   
1. Need For Speed™ Shift - Electronic Arts Nederland B.V.
2. Magic Torch - Magic App's
3. Speed Touch (Free) - IPM Studio, Inc.
4. -, LLC
5. Caligo Chaser - ©2010 com2us corp.

The all powerful Need For Speed™ Shift is still at the top spot, as users rejoice to the sound of squealing tyres and the (virtual) smell of burning rubber. Magic Torch retaining its position at number two is illuminating (geddit!) - some recent comments calling for a torch that uses the LED flash as the torch - a fantastic idea! Perhaps that’s what “Magic App’s” are conjuring up next for Magic Torch 2 - Return To Charge Your Device!
Speed Touch (Free) and are the standouts for me this week. is new to the App Store, and of course has immediate value as we all try to figure out how to summarise our lives in 140 characters…. (Wot no bada!?)  I love the word of the day function, which is definitely worth a look either via the app or the widget for those with unlimited data plans? SpeedTouch(Free) is a tidy little demo of what could be a very addictive app. I imagine the patterns could get quite complex and there could be a strong chance of breaking a nail on the Super AMOLED screen! 
Caligo Chaser reminds me of a Megadrive button masher of old, but the graphics, sound, playability, menu systems and overall design are much, much better.It is an epic game tho, so be prepared to put on your elf boots, borrow a bathrobe and search for that +3 sword!  

What’s your favourite app? Any features you’d love to steal for your own?

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