Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Samsung Top Apps

We’re beginning to see some exciting download action on SamsungApps, and no wonder, with Wave selling a record-making million handsets in 4 weeks.

From now on, we’ll be posting regular updates from our own app store on what’s been selling over the last seven days - it’s too exciting to keep to ourselves!

Top Five Global Apps on bada

1. SouthAfrica2010 (Developed by Mubaloo)
2. Hit My Boss (Developed by Rightbrain Communications)
3. Reaction Test (Developed by ABC Solution)
4. Basket Ball (Developed by Uangel)
5. Brain Training (Developed by bluepin)

No surprises SouthAfrica2010 is @ number 1 worldwide. This awesome application allowed users to keep one eye on the tournament at all times, tracking what games were on during the day, what the groups looked like and even the make up of the teams!

Now the World Cup has ended, we’ve just seen Real Football 2010 fall out of the top 5.

An app that's sure to make next weeks top five is Hexage's Everlands. After chatting with Hexage as mentioned in our recent Spotlight article for the SMI site, we can't wait to see what's in development from them next. Make sure you add our RSS Feed to be notified of regular app chart updates!


  1. It's nice to see new apps every day, but to be honest there's been nothing great. Most of the widgets i have are not from the app store. I have a handful of apps - 2 dictionaries, NFS, Star Map,2 unit converters...
    Most important need: a Word editor. (SmartOffice from Picsel when?)
    If you like making fart sounds, your spoilt for choice.

  2. yeah, we don't want fart sounds apps, we want internet radio apps and useful ones.

  3. You guys were way ahead of the curve, checked out the Apps Store recently? More Radio apps than you can shake a stick at - Also Picsell have launched Smart Office (

    While I am on here, can I just say that I don't win the Lottery enough?



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