Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Project #ROTU - AiRaid Closing Iteration 2, Start of iteration 3

We've just passed a major internal milestone, the closure of Iteration 2 and the start of the final leg of our development process - (niftily titled) Iteration 3. We've got our game engine sorted, our characters are in place and the mechanics are all there...so why are we still making some bits up as we go along?
Well sometimes you have to catch a curve ball, and iron out issues as they come up. Some issues though, like "how does the game end" should have never existed! Its been a heck of a learning curve! We've only got 15 days or so now till our next internal deadline, so I've got to make sure our coder is able to code and doesn't have to think about anything else.... Onwards and upwards!

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