Monday, 21 June 2010

London bada Dev Day Round-Up

So, a few days on from the Samsung bada London Dev Day and it feels like it was weeks ago already! I spent the time (when possible) playing with my borrowed Wave and downloading lots of exciting applications via the Samsung Mobile Apps Store with my favourite so far being Guitar Chords by Junior ISEP...)

For those of you that couldn't make it, the central London venue was great (as expected) and pretty easy to find. As soon as I arrived, I helped a few of the Developers get a pass and grabbed myself a perch for the welcome keynotes & introduction to bada. 
What followed was a coordinated deep-dive into bada covering everything a newcomer could need to know. We were introduced to its origins, the basics of building applications, with a touch of advanced UI design, finally how to sell your Apps @ the Samsung Apps Store.

Anyway, enough about what I thought of it - please tell us what you thought (by clicking here) and you might win a coffee for you and a pal!

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