Monday, 27 July 2009

Great minds think alike

With Samsung IQ in its final weeks it looks like Samsung Mobile Widgets are on everybody’s minds at the moment.

We have just released the third in our Series of Technical Papers on Widgets. Following on from his great Case Studies on MyWeather and GyPSii, Richard Bloor’s latest paper is titled Creating Samsung Mobile Widgets for Samsung S60 devices and it really pulls the mobile widget story from Samsung together. As well as a great overview of the mobile widget world, Richard unpacks the technical specifications of Samsung’s implementation of mobile widgets on the Touch Wiz UI.

No sooner had we released our Technical paper, than we discover that Rafe Blandford at All About Symbian has been doing some investigations of his own into Samsung Mobile Widgets (he uses the term “TouchWiz widget” which is the same thing). He also provides a great working example with a nifty Samsung Mobile Widget that opens a link to the All About Symbian website. Well worth a look if you wanted to make your own shortcut links, but weren’t sure how. Rafe also offers to put any widgets you produce for the i8910 HD up on the All About Symbian Website – yet another channel open for widget developers to share their handiwork with the world.

All up, if you have skills in HTML, JavaScript and CSS, (and as Rafe suggests a bit of imagination) now is a good time to be developing for mobile. Plus with Samsung IQ £15k could be yours. Remember entries close Friday 14 August 2009.

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