Friday, 1 May 2009

i8910 DevPack and go for the weekend

The Symbian team at Samsung Mobile Innovator have even more reason than usual to celebrate the arrival of the UK long weekend…

Today after months of planning, coding and testing the first ever Samsung DevPack is is available to download, in Alpha version, from our website. The pack features everything you need to target our flagship Symbian device - the i8910 HD. This is also the first S60 based touch enabled device from Samsung.

We will be adding more functionality to this pack in the coming weeks, but for now the DevPack contains:
  • Emulator for testing and debugging applications. The Emulator includes Samsung i8910 bitmaps (skins), key mappings, and customisations required to reproduce the i8910 look and feel and device behaviour on the Emulator (this version - alpha only)
  • Example programs (this version - alpha only)
  • Documentation (this version - alpha only)
It's only been up for the afternoon and already we’ve had 65 visits so it's great to see that there's interest out there. Please post your feedback below.

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  1. Samsung brand is too good. I like this brand. This is a great and long lasting mobile. i got one, samsung i8910 HD sucks! Samsung should stick to making what they are good at, that camera phones and leave mp3 players come phone to people who can like Apple or Sony Ericsson, The music player on their samsung steel has better sound quality than i8910HD. thank you for posting and sharing it.


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