Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Inside view on Samsung Mobile Applications

Many thanks to CasualGaming.biz for publishing this interview with one of the Mobile Innovator team here in London. For those of you unfamilar with the Samsung Mobile Applications Store, this could be worth a read.

Yes, Sammi is on the pull...
We also noticed this comment: "Samsung mobile Innovator looks like a perfect solution to pull developers." Nice of you to say so, VJ, but we also know we have a way to go yet, so your comments on how we can improve are always welcome. Check out the DiBos on the Mobile Innovator website.


  1. Just wanted to say that Sanj (the interviewee in the article) is not on the pull generally as I'm a happily married man. I'm 31 years old, into sports (and my beloved Liverpool FC), live in London, have an amazing sense of humour and am generally an all round nice guy. Please note this is not a matrimonials advert...honest. Ahem.

  2. Interesting that this has piqued the interest of a gaming portal and their questions to Sanj indicate that the hi spec of recent Samsung devices (such as the i8910 HD), and the possibilities this opens up, certainly hasn't gone unnoticed in gaming circles. I look forward to seeing how games developers take advantage of the additional APIs available in the i8910 which are not always present in a traditional hand-held gaming device (GPS, 3-way accelerometer, advanced haptic feedback, Open GL ES 2.0, etc..)


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