Monday, 13 April 2009

CTIA Las Vegas - postmortem

Here we go again, slot machines, cigarette smoke, bling, flamboyant cars, stretch limos - yip, we have arrived in Las Vegas. Born and bread in tranquil Sweden, Las Vegas is still a shock to the system every time I arrive at LAS (10 visits late), yet there is a certain thrill to it. This year was slightly different however, the downturn has an iron grip of the global economy and here we are in Capital of money attending one of the largest trade shows in the world, nobody knew quite what to expect, I was positively surprised.

Was there less people - absolutely, was that a bad thing - absolutely not! Companies are clearly taking the global downturn serious and as a result shipped in their most senior executives to show clients and partners that they do indeed care. This presented a tremendous opportunity to talk to the right people both on and off the show floor.

If you attended you probably spotted us, Samsung Mobile Innovator and Samsung Application Store had two great pods within the beautiful Samsung booth. We met with a vast number of exciting new and established companies who attended our booth and we had a chance to discuss the opportunities that are being created through the Samsung Application Store and Samsung Mobile Innovator. We wish you all the best with the ventures and look forward to seeing and supporting all of you at

Next stop is TechEd, the Microsoft developer conference in Los Angeles on May 11-15, we hope to see you all there!

Until then good luck with your products and services and please register and get in touch with us at Samsung Mobile Innovator and see how we can help your solution getting more exposure.

Martin Tannerfors
Samsung Mobile Innovator

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